Acknowledgement – TOR

    The development of this policy is in light of the need to regularize the allocation of resources to show our appreciation or acknowledge members or their families and groups or organizations or non-members for accomplishments, bereavements, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other accolades that may require acknowledgement or show of honour and or appreciation. This policy would ensure that a clear line item is indicated on the budget, where necessary, to ensure that proper provision is made to give similar support to all members. If no budget item is provided then the Board shall henceforth decide on the cost value to associate with the noted acknowledgement.
    Types of acknowledgement:
    A member is defined, as established by the constitution, as a professional in the constituted categories who has paid their dues upon registering or re- registering for membership.
    1. Who is to benefit from the above acknowledgement:
    a. JAPINAD Member in good financial standing within the past two (2) years.
    i. Years in good financial standing (Payment of dues) is applicable to all areas of this document relating to the JAPINAD member.
    b. Spouse of JAPINAD Member in good financial standing.
    c. Immediate family member of a JAPINAD member such as:
    i. Children (Sons & Daughters)
    ii. Parents
    iii. Spouses
    iv. Siblings
    d. Non Members such as a person who seeks to promote the values of JAPINAD and nutrition.
    e. Organizations such as MOH, PAHO etc and any other groups that promote the values of JAPINAD and nutrition.
    2. Formats used to show acknowledgement, as appropriate:
    a. Tribute in the Newspaper
    b. Gift
    c. Flowers
    d. Bouquet
    e. Email tribute
    f. Update on website, Facebook page, social media, Newsletter etc
    3. The Membership Committee shall determine the type of acknowledgement to be given but if finance is required based on that said type then it has to receive approval from the Board.
    4. Where a cost is to be incurred, the proposal for acknowledgement shall be presented by the Membership Chair to the Board with details of the format and cost of the suggested format to be used to acknowledge the member as indicated in item 1 above. The Membership Chair shall ascertain availability of funds from the Treasury based on budget or otherwise prescribed by the Board or source funds to finance the suggested format of agreed acknowledgement.
    5. The Board shall be given opportunity, with timeline, to arrive at final decision concerning the proposal made by the Membership Chair.

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