CPSM Renewal Assistance

JAPINAD is here to address your needs and one such need expressed by you, our members, is the fact that it is very inconvenient to travel to Kingston to do your renewal of Registration with the CPSM. Since last year, we have been using the Quarterly General Meetings (QGM) as a platform to assist you with renewing your CPSM Registration by collecting the Registration Fee and Application form plus any other documents. We want to continue providing this assistance but want you to utilize the technologies at your disposal, the internet, as another option. We will still collect such application forms and supporting documents for your CE credits with your requisite Registration Fee at any QGM and you will have to provide a stamped envelop with your address affix for us to mail your receipt and registration card with the certificate (if provided) or you may collect such at our next QGM.

For use online, you will need to do the following:

1. Complete CPSM renewal application form and scan for the purpose of emailing

2. Scan all certificates to validate your CE Credits and also attach to the same email

3.Send an email to membership@japinad.com indicating that you require a quote for JAPINAD to facilitate your payment. You will indicate if you want us to just facilitate the registration only and keep receipt, certificate and membership card until your next attendance to a QGM or you want us to mail the documents (certificate and membership card) to you.

. In order for us to mail, you would need to cover all charges associated with such. You would need to send an email to the membership chair to find out the cost at the post office that is associated with such activity.

4. Go to our payment portal (Paypal) and simply select the “make payment” or “pay” option. Payment is by credit card only. On the paypal portal you will see donation as the mode of payment. Just use such platform.

You do not have to sign up for Paypal, just use your credit card directly on this platform.




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